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I-3 (9190.281) Protective Glasses

I-3 (9190.281) Protective Glasses

Beschermbril Optic Class: 1 Visor Kleur: Getint Gewicht: 30 g Fabrikant: Uvex

€ 17,33

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I-3 (9190.281) Protective Glasses

Uvex knows that every person wearing glasses is special and that is the focal point of their philosophy that drives the development of their products, which are adapted to individual needs of customers. Uvex I-3 protective glasses with innovative features are an excellent example of glasses that combine functionality and comfort with high degree of protection. Uvex I-3 protective glasses set a new standard of adaptation and comfort.

Uvex Supravision Performance

Lenses featuring Uvex Supravision Performance coating are resistant to scratches on the outside and misting over is prevented twice as efficiently on the inside than in the case of lenses featuring uvex supravision HC-AF coating. The layer that prevents misting over is durable and, as a result, does not wash off. Nano clean effect on the outside provides easy cleaning of the lenses and makes them less prone to contamination. The layer is ideal in the event of condensation and situations where frequent cleaning of the lenses is necessary.

Uvex Optidur 4C PLUS

Uvex Optidur 4C PLUS lens coating prevents misting over and makes them resistant to scratches on both sides as well as anti-static. The layer that prevents misting over is durable and, as a result, does not wash off.

Product Features:

 - comfort no matter the size of the user’s head
 - adapt to every face shape
 - elastic temple tips with adjustable angle
 - soft material in the area near ears
 - integrated Softflex area for various width head sizes
 - nose bridge with elastic adjustment
 - pressure-free adaptation, even during prolonged periods of wearing
 - sure adaptation
 - do not contain metal

Optic class of lenses is determined based on their optical parameters. Face and eye protection measures are divided into 3 classes. Lenses of the 1 optic class are intended for continuous usage (as such these glasses can be used also as protective glasses for every day use), while class 3 glasses - for short-term use.

The aforementioned is a top quality product that has undergone stress tests appropriate for its durability class. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to impact of solid objects within its durability class or granted certificates. Despite all this, in case of inadequate adjustment of the product, usage of this eye protection does not exclude bodily harm, for instance, resulting from the BB finding its way under the protective glass when ricocheting. That is why prior to use, it is recommended to properly adjust the eye protection to the individual needs of the user. Protective qualities of the product can also be subject to change as a result of improper use and maintenance of the aforementioned product, for instance, by cleaning the lenses with improper agents. The vendor does not bear any responsibility for bodily harm that may result from improper adjustment and/or usage of the product.


size uni
nl_hoofdcategorie Brillen & Goggles
product_weight_[g] 230
Merk UVE
nl_subcategorie Brillen
Broodkruimels Gear Brillen
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