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Airsoft Guns – the bare and bones of Airsoft. It all starts with finding the perfect Airsoft Gun that suits your needs. Bunker 501 is the official dealer of Airsoft Brands such as Tokyo Marui, Tippmann, Umarex, Ares, Socom gear and many more. Jump around using the filters or try searching for keywords.

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At Bunker501 we have the best Airsoft Guns quality for the best prices. We have got everything you need from Shotguns to Sniper Rifles and from Pistols to Light Machine guns. We only stock the best brands like Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, G&G, Umarex and KRYTAC. There is a gun for everyone, for the old-fashioned we have the Cyma Thompson 1928 Chicago Typewriter where you imagine yourself as Michael Corleone in the Godfather. If you are more of a special forces fanatic, we recommend the Umarex Hk Mp7a1 Aeg. One of the most iconic submachine guns of all time, it was used by the Navy Seals to eliminate Bin Laden.

Airsoft Guns: AEG, Gas, Co2 or Spring

There are quite a few different operating systems for Airsoft Guns. They are different in the way they work, the maintenance and the firing mechanism. For example, AEG's are very user-friendly and don't require a lot of maintenance but lacks realism. Gas and Co2 gives you that realism with the blowback like the Umarex Glock 19x Gas Blowback. However, Gas magazines are quite expensive and the maintenance is quite a bit of work. To make the right choice make sure to read our guide!

Airsoft Guns with a budget

We make sure that there is an Airsoft Gun for everybody. If you want to get started right away and want to have an all in one package go for the KWC Colt 1911 Rail Gun Combat Starter Kit. This includes a the KWC Colt 1911, magazine, Co2 pack, bb's, silicone spray and repair kit. Looking for a more fancier package? Opt for G&G Arp 556 (Black) Ready to Skirm Package. It includes a red dot sight, charger. battery and an absolute beast of a weapon in Close Quarters Combat.
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