Airsoft GBB Pistol Internals

Want the most realistic blowback possible? Use Airsoft GBB Pistol Internals. Here at Bunker501 we have a huge collection of parts and upgrades to increase your accuracy, improve the recoil of your weapon, and make them more gas efficient. Here you can find the exact right parts to match your airsoft gun and desired performance.

Airsoft GBB Pistol Internals

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Honestly, nothing can beat the realism the gas blowback offers. Airsoft GBB Pistol Internals make this possible. While AEG's are easier to maintain and use, they don't offer that feeling a Gas rifle has. When you hold a gas gun like the Armorer Works Hx2202 Dragon Gas Blowback (Black) the feeling is indescribable. To get your gas gun to perform at the optimum best we offer all the parts you need. Like downgrading your Kwc Colt 1911 Rail Gun Co2 Blowback (Black) with a Kwc Downgrade Kit For Colt 1911 Co2 Blowback Models. With this kit, you can decrease your FPS so you can use it in Close Quarters Combat. As with all upgrades, downgrades and modifications, we advise you to do it by a professional if you don't have any basic knowledge about weaponsmithing. Gas weapons are quite complex but we strongly encourage you to study it as it makes a great hobby

Airsoft GBB Pistols Hi-Capa

We offer all the parts for hi-capa geeks. Hi-Capa pistols are super fun because they offer high customizability with an epic performance. Like the highly customisable Tokyo Marui M9 Tactical Master Gas Blowback with a beautiful G&G Metal Receiver Set For Marui M9 (Slide & Receiver).

Airsoft GBB Pistols Cowcow Technology

Cowcow Technology has some amazing products for hi-capa enthusiasts. They are known for their high-quality products and reliability. The Cowcow Tech Hammer Power Regulator gives you complete control over your hammer and trigger for those looking for laser-like precision. Another popular item is the Cowcow Tech A01 Silencer Adapter an aftermarket adapter to connect the Cowcow Tech Ob1 5.1 Outer Barrel Threaded (Black) to a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback (Black)
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