Airsoft Gearbox Internals

The airsoft gearbox internal is the motor inside of the gun. There are different types of airsoft gearboxes for different guns, usually indicated by versions. There is a version 1, 2, 3 all the way to 7.

Airsoft Gearbox Internals

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The version 1 airsoft gearbox was the first gearbox for the first airsoft gun the legendary Tokyo Marui Famas Sv. To replace a gearbox, sufficient knowledge is required as replacing it is one of the most difficult things to do. If you don't have any knowledge about weaponsmithing, we strongly advise having it done by a professional. Here is a quick reference to the different version of gearboxes: Version 1: Tokyo Marui Famas Sv. Version 2Cyma Colt M4Umarex H&K Mp5Vfc Sig Sauer McxKwa Hk416 Gbbr Version 3: Tokyo Marui Kalashnikov AkUmarex H&K G36Tokyo Marui Aug Version 4: PSG-1 Version 5: Tokyo Marui Uzi Version 6: Tokyo Marui P90 Version 7: G&G Gr14 Ebr Short Version

Airsoft Gearbox Internal Blowback

Some gearboxes offer blowback. While blowback systems are awesome they take a hit on the longevity of the gearbox. Because the blowback puts stress on the gearbox it may result in a shorter lifespan.

Technological Masterpiece Airsoft Gearbox

The Gate Titan Advance Set V3 is an example of technological progression in the world of airsoft. You connect this AEG control system to your gearbox and install the Gate Control app on your macOS or Windows. With this app, you will have live information on your replica. Within the app, you can adjust the trigger sensitivity so you have military precision!. This system only works with V3 gearboxes like the Tokyo Marui Kalashnikov Ak. For other systems, we recommend the Gate Titan V2 Complete Set.
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