FX Dreamline Classic Walnut

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FX Airguns


Walnut colored stained beechwood

Air Rifle FX Dreamline Classic Walnut Airgun

The FX Dreamline Classic is the natural evolution of the FX Streamline. FX has added world-class features to the proven Streamline platform that take it to the next level; bridging the gap with guns like the FX Crown and FX Impact.

Air Rifle FX Dreamline Classic Walnut: Smooth Twist X Loop

The beauty of the FX Dreamline begins with the world-class revolutionary FX Smooth Twist X loop (STX). This is the same barrel and liner system found on other elite rifles such as the FX Impact, FX Crown and FX Wildcat. The STX barrel gives the Dreamline the unique ability to change both the caliber of the rifle and the barrel liner to allow for different rotational speeds and different drill specifications. This allows for a tailor-made barrel to match the vast amount of projectiles available today.

This Airgun also includes the new AMP Regulator (Adjustable Match Precision Regulator). This robust regulator is revolutionary in that it can be externally adjusted to higher or lower pressures without having to remove the pressure from the gun. The AMP control also uses the latest in high-quality parts to provide accuracy that lasts over time.

Specifications Of The Air Rifle FX Dreamline Classic Walnut

  • Magazine capacity of 16 Rounds
  • 6.35/ .25 caliber
  • 60 joule
  • Length: 1090 mm
  • Weight: 2600g
  • Walnut color
  • Locking Action

Air Rifle FX Dreamline Classic Walnut: Dreamline Concept

With the arrival of the FX Dreamline, an innovation that was previously only dreamed of has now become reality. The FX Dreamline is the world’s first fully modular air rifle system. The modular design makes it possible to change the rifle in one of the many Dreamline configurations. In a moment, the current hunting bull pup can be converted for the weekend goal match. The classic athlete rifle can be rebuilt to accommodate all your favorite AR parts and accessories. Whatever you can imagine, it is possible with the FX Dreamline.

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