Forcecore Armament Fss Sharpshooter Rifle

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Militaria and firearms from beyond the eastern border enthusiasts have been graced for many years with countless replicas of AK and SWD rifles. Some constructions, however, objects of desire of many a Russophile, up until recently have seen their replicas only in form of conversion sets or modifications made by fanatics in their home workshops. This family includes with little doubt the live firearm original of the FSS sharpshooter rifle. Commonly used by various Russian special forces units since the 80s, valued for its compact size and efficiency (which is due to, among others, the use of a heavy bullet). What is important is that the rifle was silenced, equipped with an integrated silencer, which right from the start made it an ideal choice for any sharpshooter operating in often very difficult conditions.

As expected of FSS sharpshooter rifle, it is very handy, and its construction is tight and comfortable. All that makes it universal and it can be successfully and effectively used on both long and short range – depending on the requirements of the airsoft battlefield. Measurements and weight alike have been reproduced as closely as possible to the live firearm original. The replica was made in a very solid way and its parts fit very well together – nothing squeaks, there are no noticeable loose spots of absolutely any of the elements.

The handguard was made from a reinforced polymer of grainy texture in a mat, black colour. The stock, also made from polymer, imitates with its colour wood, a material known from the live firearm original. All remaining elements of the replica were made practically entirely from metal. Entire receiver; dust cover; one-piece, outer barrel and silencer were made from metal. The integrated silencer is one of the characteristic features of this construction, together with the outer barrel they create a solid, massive front. The replica features a set of adjustable iron sights, however, it can also be without any difficulty equipped with an optical sight thanks to a “dovetail joint” rail on the side the receiver in an SWD standard.

Despite the fact that both constructions are considerably different, many of the operating nuances are very similar to those known from AK rifles. Every user of an AK replica will definitely feel quite natural when taking an airsoft replica of FSS into his hands.

Metal parts also include the lock/charging handle replica – once pulled back access to the Hop-up regulation knob is gained. The replica has a one-piece, polymer Hop-up chamber for AK with a high class HU bucking. This set will provide good tightness and problem-free, efficient spin of the BB. The outer, 6,04 barrel has 428 mm.

The stock and the receiver have tactical sling swivels. On the right side of the receiver there is a winged fire mode selector, very similar (albeit little shorter) to the one used in AK replicas. The replica can fire in full auto or semi modes. Room for a stick type battery is inside the fixed stock. Access to the interior is possible after the removal of the stock pad, attached with two screws. The pad itself is comfortable, made from a piece of thick rubber.

What can be found inside the replica? Its heart is a gearbox v.3, with a trigger mechanism specific for AK. The gearbox has 7 mm steel, ball bearings and a set of steel gears mounted on them. The nozzle is also AK specific, the piston was made from a durable nylon and has steel gears. The entirety is powered by a medium torque motor. The result is a strong, well-fitted mechanism based on high quality parts, being an excellent base for potential power and durability tunings.

The replica comes with a hi-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 150 BBs, made from a black polymer.

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