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G&G AEG Rifle SSG-1 USR Airsoft

The G&G Armament SSG-1 USR is finally here! This Airsoft AEG Gun was designed from the ground up for Speedsofters/Speedy Bois, and builds upon the highly successful G&G Electronic Trigger Unit. If you haven’t heard about it already, the G&G Armament SSG-1 takes their tried and tested AR Platform that has stood the test of time, and redesigned almost every aspect of the Airsoft Gun to make it ideal for competitive ‘Speedsoft’ style gameplay.

G&G AEG Rifle SSG-1 USR: Competitive Gameplay

As mentioned, the G&G SSG-1 is designed to be as lightweight as possible, whilst still remaining strong enough for hardcore competitive gameplay. They have chosen the CM16 receiver as the base, as this has proven itself to be an exceptionally strong polymer receiver. This also means that it has an ambidextrous mag release which could save you in the heat of the moment. The SSG-1 has done away with a handguard entirely, as it is nothing but extra weight in the eyes of a competition player. Instead, the custom muzzle brake at the front of the barrel has short 20mm rails for any kind of Airsoft Accessory you could want. 

The receiver obviously features a 20mm Rail for Airsoft Optics, and is usually seen with a red dot sight on a riser mount to compliment this ‘Full Face Protection compatible’ design. The trigger guard has been seriously enlarged to accommodate the extra-long ‘Blade’ trigger that is commonly seen on Paintball/Speedsoft Guns. This again is a throwback to the paintball days, where full auto was unavailable/uncommon, and a seriously fast single shot trigger action needed developing. This allows you to conform to single shot arena rules, but whilst still throwing out as many Airsoft BBs per second as possible.

Features Of The G&G AEG Rifle SSG-1 USR

  • Designed for Speedsoft
  • Full Face Mask Compatible
  • 11.1v LiPo Ready
  • Rear Wired / Mini Tamiya
  • Transparent Magazine Design
  • Quick & Snappy Trigger Response
  • Programmable 3 round Burst
  • 105rnd Mid-Cap Magazine

Special Instructions For The G&G AEG Rifle SSG-1 USR

To switch the G&G Rifle full auto fire selector position to 3 Round Bust you must set the fire selector to semi-automatic and hold the trigger for 10 Seconds. To reverse the process simply repeat the steps.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the MOSFET system on the SSG-1 the weapon is only compatible with 11.1v batteries.

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