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Kwc Desert Eagle .50ae Co2 Blowback

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The Desert Eagle .50AE replica of the legendary pistol is made of high quality elastic plastic and a homogenous alloy of zinc and Aluminum by the CyberGun company – this is the most characteristic model of this pistol family. The slide and most of the minor elements were made of metal while the pistol’s frames was made of plastic.

Due to the fact of its rather big dimensions and long barrel the pistol works well as a primary weapon. The capacious magazine holding 21 BB pellets is also an important advantage of this model.

Thanks to the use of compressed carbon dioxide as the power source the replica has a reasonable muzzle velocity of about 305 FPS. It is worth mentioning that most of the gas is used to move the heavy slide. Thanks to this extremely spectacular blow-back the replica guarantees additional and unforgettable experiences with every shot.

The type of the gas used to power this replica also allows to use the replica is low-temperature conditions. In order to balance this advantage it is required to conserve and grease the replica frequently.

The use of the special Spin-Up system ( that is similar to the known Hop-Up system) guarantees a stable and extended BB pellet trajectory due to the fact of making the BB pellet rotate backwards.

The replica is extremely heavy as for a pistol and very well built at the same time. Without any doubt this is not a pistol that is worth to carry in a holster during trainings or long marches, yet, I guess no other pistol guarantees such experiences and pure pleasure of shooting. You need to remember that the Desert Eagle is a legend among pistol that is always associated with action movies and video games. It is impossible to forget that it is “a real weapon for real men” – and this is how you should perceive this replica.

licensed by Cybergun.

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