Factory FPS: 300

Umarex Walther P38 Gas Blowback

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Marushin, Umarex Airsoft, Walther

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Black, Brown





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The greatly made replica of the German World War II pistol. It is made fully of plastic. The metal made elements in the replica are as follows: the iron aiming sights and the replica’s magazine. The pistol grip covering panels are made in dark brown color and are modeled as in the Speerwerke 1428 model, they are equipped with horizontal carvings and a special place to mount a band or retention lanyard. The magazine holds 12 BB pellets, it is taken out with the use of a lever which is placed in the bottom of the pistol grip. It is possible to place a shot after cocking the hammer. The side safety lever is located on the right side of the slide and blocks the trigger and the hammer at the same time. Despite being powered by green-gas, the replica has got a great muzzle velocity in comparison to other pistols and during the shot the energy rises the barrel a little bit.

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