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    Premium pre-sales service ready for immediate use! This includes:
    • • Check on the hop-up bucking
    • • Complete lubrication of the gun
    • • Check the tighness of the magazines
    • • Measuring the muzzle velocity
    • • Test overall functionality
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Tokyo Marui’s venerable Hi-Capa 5.1 has been given a new lease of life with a fresh lick of paint.
This Stainless model comes in a sleek dark silver finish that suits this gun rather well.
The Hi-Capa series from Marui have been the perfect base gun for “tinkering around” with, as there are plenty of after-market parts for it. That and the fact that it is a thoroughly solid performer throughout. It makes efficient use of green gas to pack a more than sufficient amount power.
Metal parts included : recoil spring guide rod, nickel plated hammer, adjustable rear sight, front sight, magazine catch, magazine, and frame with an ABS grip.
The barrel is also handsomely nickel plated.
Good for 290fps when using green gas! Gun is heavy thanks to the heavy metal frame.
Extremely smooth slide cycling action with strong recoil and a pleasant assortment of clicks and clacks when the slide is pulled back makes this gun a lot of fun to shoot.
Includes a lower RIS rail for installation of accessories like flashlights and lasers!

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