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If you are looking for superior shooting speed and realism, consider the G&G M-14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun from Airsoft GI. The M-14 has been brought back into service with the U.S. military for issue to designated marksmen. These soldiers operate on a unit level to fill the gap between standard riflemen and snipers. Although the venerable M-14 has proved adequate in terms of accuracy, it has fallen short in other terms, without the ability to mount now-standard accessories such as flashlights, lasers, optics and bipods.

To solve this problem, the next logical step was the addition of an R.I.S. to the M-14. Aside from the ability to mount numerous different accessories, the M-14 HBA has a retractable stock that allows the user to adjust for the length of pull, which is especially important if the user is wearing body armor.
The barrel of the G&G M-14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun has been stabilized inside the chassis for the best possible build and accuracy. The fit and finish on this gun are unrivaled. This is the next-generation sniper rifle, and G&G is bringing you the wave of the future.
Besides its advanced features, this long, black sniper rifle is supremely realistic. It is also extremely comfortable to hold and fire. Shooting with superior accuracy, this gun is also super-reliable and will stand up during the heat of the battle as well as providing long-lasting durability. It offers outstanding range and firing rate as well.

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