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This is the latest G&G UMG. The Version 3 UMG is the most up to date model UMG from G&G, all the kinks are worked out, all weak points reinforced, its everything you’ve been waiting for. Just by looking at the box you can tell that G&G put time in to developing their products. First the exterior; the finish on the plastic is a dull dark gray, complimented with G&G’s serial number and engravings, as well as caliber engravings on the magazine. The selector paint is a bright red and white and clearly visible unlike the the semi-orange color like some other guns. The folding skeleton stock is sturdy in both the folded and unfolded positions. The rear iron sight is fully adjustable for different lighting conditions, distance and windage. Finally the top rail and front rails provide great platforms for accessories to aid the user in battle. This is the airsoft SMG to end all SMG’s.

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