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    Premium pre-sales service ready for immediate use! This includes:
    • • Check on the hop-up bucking
    • • Complete lubrication of the gun
    • • Check the tighness of the magazines
    • • Measuring the muzzle velocity
    • • Test overall functionality
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The Rudis airsoft gun is a replica made by Taiwan’s Secutor Arms. The name Rudis is derived from ancient Rome – the term used to refer to the training sword used by the Roman legionaries, and was also received by the Gladiators as a symbol of freedom. The Rudis pistol from Secutor Arms fully deserves to be named as a perfect and effective weapon in the airsoft battle arena.

The pistol shell with the lock is made of aluminum, and the pistol grip is made of polymer plastic. Both the castle and the barrel have featured signs, including the “Secutor Dicit – Inimicus Silet”. The gun has a double-sided wing fuse that blocks the trigger mechanism and prevents accidental shot. Access to the fuse is a hassle – free operation for both left and right-handed users. A functional rear pressure fuse is also included in the gun , which forces the hand to rest on the grip for shooting.

The airsoft gun has a powerful blow-back system that simulates the shooting experience of real weapons. Just like in a flammable original, when the last ball is fired, the gun lock locks in the rear position. Under the barrel a 22mm RIS / Picatinny rail was added to the replica with accessories such as tactical lighting and laser sighting. Under the nut on the barrel we will find a standard, left-hand 14mm thread, compatible with the vast majority of airsoft silencers available on the market.

This replica is delivered with a CO2 magazine, a green gas magazine is optional.

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