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During the 90s, the Federal Armament Authority was faced with the need for a change of the good but obsolete G3 weapons. The result was a demand for modular weapons that would cover a range from machine guns, carbines, assault rifles to light machine gun. In 1997 the company Heckler&Koch developed a new series of advanced weapon H&K G36, which were later incorporated into the Bundeswehr in the number of 33 thousand units. Weapon used standard NATO a mmo 5,56×45 mm and its skeleton is made from plastic reinforced with fibre glass. German arms factory for the first time dropped the use of the reliable but improper ammunition, dynamic locking rollers and applied the principle of rotation of the locking swivel cover block.This model is manufactured by Tokyo Marui. Version 3 includes gearbox and a powerful motor EG1000. The gun has mounting rails under the RIS Handguard and transport handle on which a diopter rear sight is also located. The weapon can easily attach a variety of lights, lasers, red dot, or tactical rifle scope handle. Semi-transparent tank contains imitations of real bullets and the gun adds to the authenticity.