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Bunker501 official dealer product: Grenade E-RAZ gaz. The most reliable airsoft grenade on the market! With the small size, quick & easy reloading and one-piece frame…yeah, the E-RAZ is a real must-have.

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With this unique design, high-tech production method and first-class materials, the new E-RAZ grenade is an explosive addition to the tactical gameplay of airsoft. And it will help your team, in just one pitch, to a glorious victory. This compact fireball fits well in your hand, is easy to throw and distributes the BB’s extremely well.

By simply pulling the safety pin the E-RAZ is set. Note: once set = always set. Just like the real thing! You still need a certain force, speed and height to detonate the grenade. That’s why the E-RAZ gives you an ultimate sense of reality.

The polymer fibers give the grenade both a light and robust body and ensures that the E-RAZ maintains its function. Even after frequent contact with hard surfaces. Due to his realistic size, the grenade fits easily in your pocket or grenade bag.

Ready … aim … fire! See the panic in your enemies’ eyes when the E-RAZ immediately fires 100 BBs as soon as the grenade hits any hard surface. Which are spread in all directions due to its 360-degree rotation effect.