A Unique Airsoft Shop in The Netherlands

Located in Oldenzaal (Twente) is our wonderfull showroom spanning over 300m2! Besides the showroom we also house a testing range and a sniper range.

In the showroom we stationed our Airsoft Specialists, ready to help you at a moment’s notice with all of your Airsoft related questions! Our specialists also play on the fields themselves and are active in all of the different Airsoft disciplines!

If you’ve placed an order online you can also choose to pick up your order at our showroom.


Bunker 501
Kelvinstraat 14A
7575 AS Oldenzaal
The Netherlands
Phone: +31541 299 073

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10.00uur – 17.00uur
Thursday (Late opening) 18.00uur – 21.00uur
Saturday 10.00uur – 16.00uur