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AGM MP40 MP007 (Black)
Afbeelding van AGM MP40 MP007 (Black)
Afbeelding van AGM MP40 MP007 (Black)

AGM MP40 MP007 (Black)

WWII Replica Full metal construction 50 Round magazine Foldable stock Adjustable hop-up

€ 197,99


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  • Voor 14:00 besteld, verzonden op dinsdag t/m vrijdag.
  • Internationale verzending
  • Gratis verzending vanaf 100,-
  • Probleemloos retourneren


AGM MP40 MP007 (Black)

The AGM MP40 MP007 is a wonderful Airsoft AEG Gun replica of one of the most common, but often ignored automatic weapons of the Second World War. It accurately captures the MP40's appearance with its characteristic hooded Front Iron Sight and brown Bakelite Plastic furniture.

AGM MP40 MP007 (Black): Vintage Appearance

Although designed as a machine pistol, the MP40 features a primitive folding stock constructed from alloy, which when not in use neatly folds away swinging down under the gun, reducing its size for CQB or storage, and providing users with an additional grip. The controls for the MP40 are simple; the fire selector features 'safe' and 'fully automatic", while the rear iron sight can be adjusted for range. The hop-up, which adjusts accuracy and range, is controlled via a sliding lever, and is hidden behind the mock ejection port. Unsurprisingly for a replica of a WW2-era weapon, this Airsoft Gun's appearance can be described as 'vintage'. In particular, the brown polymer furniture of the gun, based on the real Art-Deco Bakelite plastic of the 1930's, really highlights how far weapons design has come since the 1930s. Drop your M4s and AKs, it's time to do things old school. Whether you're a re-enactor or just a history fan, this is a brilliant addition to any Airsofter's arsenal.

Specifications Of The AGM MP40 MP007 (Black)

  • Full auto only
  • Authentic Replica of Infamous WW2 Machine Pistol
  • Under-Folding stock
  • Alloy Construction
  • Faux Bakelite Plastic Finish
  • Rear Sling point
  • Rear Sight Adjustable for Range
  • Hooded Front Iron Sight
  • Internal Battery Space

AGM MP40 MP007 (Black): More About AGM

AGM is one of the most recognizable airsoft brands from China. They have a long history of providing quality Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Accessories at an affordable price. One of the most recognizable AGM products are their historic replicas line such as MP40, StG44 or Mg42. In their offer, we can find a wide range of most popular replicas of machine guns, SMG’s, shotguns and many more!


Nabv pas Vereist
MPN 5902543001016
powered AEG
weapon_category Pdw
Hoofdcategorie Airsoft Guns
Subcategorie AEG Guns
color Black
length 610|840
magazine_capacity 50
material ABS|Metal
f_mark No
joule <, 1.2
maintenance_level Low
recommended_bb_weight 0.25
skirmish_ready Yes
thread No
connector_type Tamiya mini
electric_blowback No
rail_type No
recommended_battery_voltage 4v, 7
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