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Afbeelding van G&G GIMS
Afbeelding van G&G GIMS
Afbeelding van G&G GIMS
Afbeelding van G&G GIMS


€ 329,95


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  • Voor 14:00 besteld, verzonden op dinsdag t/m vrijdag.
  • Internationale verzending
  • Gratis verzending vanaf 100,-
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Sheet steel housing with real wood parts in a complete set with two 11.1 LiPo batteries Stable steel and sheet steel AIMS replica with real wood handguard in 1/1 scale from G&G Armament. The rifle comes of course with the patented pneumatic gearbox, which ensures an authentic BlowBack effect in use. Furthermore, the complete set is equipped with a charger and two handguards with integrated 11.1 volt LiPo batteries. A small pack of 6mm BBs is also included. The AIMS (G&G Armament = GIMS) is the Romanian version of the popular AK-74 which is why the export name is also AIMS-74. The rifle has been manufactured since 1986 and is still in use today. Unlike other replicas in the airsoft market, the G&G Armament AIMS replica has the complete front system made from stable steel. Starting with the height-adjustable front visor, the one-piece outer barrel or the remaining parts on the front set - all parts are precisely made of steel or sheet steel. Only the inner barrel is made of aluminum and has a diameter of 6.04mm. The particularly detailed handguard is made of true-to-original plywood, which looks confusingly similar to the original and has the typical AIMS shape. With the GIMS, the handguards not only serve a decorative purpose, but are also equipped with an integrated 11.1 volt 1100 mAh. As already mentioned above, two complete handguards with batteries are included. These help the GIMS to operate for a long time. As is typical for G&G, all parts are made to fit perfectly and fit precisely on the respective assemblies. The main housing, which is stamped from sheet steel, is particularly stable and equipped with all details. All details of the original AIMS have been reproduced very precisely. The top cover can be removed like the original and is also made of sheet steel. In front of the cover is the adjustable visor made of sturdy steel. The typical target device mounting rail is already attached to the side of the main housing, which makes mounting a target device much easier. The fire selector or safety lever is mounted on the housing on the right as in the original. The adjustable hop-up system, which is made of aluminum, sits under the decorative clamping lever. The handle is made of nylon-reinforced plastic and, thanks to the grooved contact surfaces, ensures a very good hold in battle. At the back of the rifle, the AIMS typical steel folding barrel is attached. This can be folded in or out laterally as required.If the housing cover is removed, the built-in version III pneumatic gearbox can be inspected. The robust steel torque-up gears, which run on 8mm ball bearings, ensure perfect function. The Piston is also a stable variant with metal teeth. So that the current arrives at the motor without great resistance, all cables are silver cables. With its strong torque, the motor ensures reliable operation. Thanks to the newly designed piston and cylinder head, the pressure loss is kept as low as possible, resulting in a shooting performance of up to 1.2 joules. The highlight is the working blow-back mechanism. Thanks to the patented design of the Gearbox, a small part of the air compressed during shooting is used to move the decorative closure. The advantage of the system is that the gearbox is less burdened here. The conclusion here is a significantly longer shelf life. No additional parts are required for operation with this complete set. However, it is advisable to order a pack of 6mm BB round balls. Content of delivery: - G&G GIMS full metal real wood BlowBack complete set S-AEG 6mm BB - Sheet steel magazine 600 rounds black - 2 x plywood handguard with integrated 11.1 volt 1100mAh LiPo battery - LiPo charger with 500 mA charging power - 230 volts - cleaning staff - Small pack of 0.20g 6mm BBs


Nabv pas Vereist
MPN 1423240200450
Hoofdcategorie Airsoft Guns
Subcategorie AEG Guns
crosssell_ids 3559968040285, 754220671433
color Black, Brown
length 710|920
Merk Airsoft G&G Armament
magazine_capacity 600
material Metal|Aluminum|Wood
joule <, 1.2
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