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In an airsoft game, you just don’t want the feeling that you don’t carry enough ammunition with you. Extra airsoft magazines are an important need for your airsoft gun. Having more than one magazine can make a difference between life and get hit and is ideal for all types of gameplay. Here you can find the right magazines to match your gun and desired performance.

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Having ammunition is perhaps one of the most important things on the battlefield. If you don't have any bb's how are you going to defeat the enemy? That's why it is important to take extra magazines with you so you can quickly replace an empty magazine with a full one. One of the foundations of a good player are his preparations and a full magazine belongs right there. Some replica's carry specific magazines like the Umarex Glock 19x Gas Blowback with the Umarex Gas Magazine For Glock 19. So make sure you pick the right one for your gun. If you need any help with choosing don't hesitate to contact us.

Airsoft Magazine Speedloaders

To load magazines fast and efficiently we recommend using a speedloader like the Nuprol Xl Speedloader (Black). It holds 470 bb's so when the magazines are empty you can quickly fill it up and keep one with you on the battlefield. Combine it with Nuprol Pmc Battle Belt (Black) or Nuprol Rtg Vest (Grey) and sure you will never run out of magazines and speedloaders.

Airsoft Magazine Firepower

The ultimate firepower by G&G special made for M4/M16 replicas. The G&G 2300 Rnd Drum Magazine M4/M16 (Automatic Winding) has a magazine size of 2300 bb's! It works with an electric motor inside the drum so you don't have to manual wind it. It pairs perfectly together with the G&G Cm16 Arp9 (Black). This drum magazine has enough bb's to last a whole skirm. But if you love pulling the trigger on anything that moves why not carry two?
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