Airsoft Snipers

Airsoft Snipers are truly something. It’s a massive weapon (often with a scope) that allows you to spot and eliminate the enemy from a long distance. Most of the time they are single-shot spring airsoft sniper rifles. An Airsoft sniper rifle requires a different playstyle. Are you patient and able to sneak around invisibly and silently? Then a airsoft sniper might be your thing!

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Airsoft Snipers are ideal weapon for players that want to stay far away from the enemy and engage from distance. If you would like to sneak around and camouflaging yourself to be hidden from the enemy. Then suddenly strike and eliminate multiple enemies leaving the enemy clueless of your location.

Airsoft Snipers on the battlefield

On the battlefield, snipers are an important asset to any time. Not just for taking out important targets but also for spotting the enemy earlier than anyone else. Their long-range optics gives a good overview of the battlefield and can give key information to the commander so the strategies can be made accordingly whether you play conquest or capture the flag. Every sniper player needs to have an Airsoft sniper that is reliable and does the job. One of the best all-round snipers we offer is the Action Army Aac-21 Gas Sniper which fires semi-auto with an FPS of 440 this sniper will not miss.

Playstyle with Airsoft Snipers

Airsoft Snipers come in a range of different models. Are you looking for a one-shot one kill opt for a bolt-action sniper rifle like the top of the line Tokyo Marui Vsr-10 Pro Sniper Version or the more budget-friendly Swiss Arms Sas 06 Sniper Rifle. Do you want to get closer to the enemy and use a higher rate of fire choose the G&G GR25 Sniper The most crucial part to the sniper is the choice of hop-ups and scopes. For bolt-action rifles we suggest using a scope that has a longer range like the Sightmark Core Sx 10-40x56 Cbr. If you are closer to the enemy with a combat sniper use a scope that is excellent at engaging mid-range targets like the Firefield Barrage 2.5-10x40 Rifle Scope
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