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Airsoft Armor is meant to keep you safe. And safety is a very important topic within airsoft. Yes, airsoft is a fun game, but the safety of yourself and others is very important. That is why we at Bunker501 have a large collection of airsoft armor and equipment to ensure that you have the safest possible experience.

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Even though an airsoft replica will never hit as hard as a real weapon, safety must be taken into account. As they are not toys they should be treated like a device that can be harmful to people around you. Safety is important in the airsoft community that is why it is recommended to wear certain armor like eye protection, helmets, and tactical vests.

Airsoft Armor Eye Protection

The most important piece of safety equipment is eye protection. Getting hit by a bb in the eye can have detrimental consequences for your eyesight. We recommend using glasses like the Nuprol Battle Pro’S - Green Frame / Smoke Lense. Do you want to feel extra safe so that your whole face is protected? Opt for the: WARQ Full Face Helmet (OD Green- Clear Visor). Another good way to protect your face is with the Nuprol Shield V1 Lower Face Mesh Mask (Black). With this mask, you will leave the battlefield with all your teeth still in your mouth!

Airsoft Armor Tactical Vest

With a tactical vest, you are both protected to incoming fire and you have a good way to store all your equipment. The Nuprol Rtg Tactical Plate Carrier (Black) ticks both utilitarian and safety boxes. The awesome thing about this Plate Carrier is that it makes use of the MOLLE system which means that you can attach pouches where you want them and how you want them. Need more pouches? You can easily expand this vest with more pouches.

Airsoft Armor Gloves

The best gloves in our collection are the Mechanix The Original Gloves. They are made from a breathable material that conforms to your hand that gives you the edge over other gloves.
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