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TIPPMANN Airsoft Rifle M4 Carbine V2 HPA
Afbeelding van TIPPMANN Airsoft Rifle M4 Carbine V2 HPA
Afbeelding van TIPPMANN Airsoft Rifle M4 Carbine V2 HPA
Afbeelding van TIPPMANN Airsoft Rifle M4 Carbine V2 HPA

TIPPMANN Airsoft Rifle M4 Carbine V2 HPA

€ 625,-


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  • Voor 14:00 besteld, verzonden op dinsdag t/m vrijdag.
  • Internationale verzending
  • Gratis verzending vanaf 100,-
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The new Tippmann M4 Carbine HPA V2

The latest generation of the popular 2019er Tippmann Airsoft M4 HPA with BlowBack! With the new version 2 Tip's latest generation of M4 HPA Blow Back series is also available on the Dutch market. This variant is also equipped with the proven Tippmann inline Bolt system which is why this Tippy can be operated in addition to HPA with CO2. Depending rebuilt shot drive system and standard TM-compatible S-AEG M4 magazines can be used with the gun - a clear plus. In addition to an Improved Hop-Up system is also much required M-LOK system mounted in the version 2 at the factory. On delivery, the Tippmann V2 for use with a remote line and a HPA tank is pre-assembled. The conversion parts for the 12 gram CO2 cartridge operation are also included (except for the magazine). The M4 Carbine Tippmann V2 comes at the front with a one-piece aluminum outer race, with a removable Flash Hider (14mm left thread) of composite plastic in the standard M4 design features. Above the outer race an approximately 9.3 inches long free float M-loco rail system made of robust polymer composite plastic. Similar to the system Key-mod various accessories are mounted directly on the hand guard here. Thus, there are no empty or unused 21mm rails more who were often annoying in conventional hand guards. The M-Lok system required by the shooter accessories are attached directly to the Hand Guard via quick. For the installation of M-LOK accessories total, this line array 7 different angles to choice. Only the upper Rail for the target device mounting comes in 21 mm standard style. When top-mounted sight is a spring loaded flip-up model in MBUS style with height adjustment of composite plastic. The Authentic Tippmann M4 is equipped with a two-part main body. This is precision machined from aluminum which two housing halves sit on each other without play. The black matte anodizing provides an authentic taste and color fits very well with the other parts of the rifle. The markings are cast deep into the material at the Tippy. Only the warning labels on the lower right side is laser marked. A consecutive serial number completes the markings on the left hand side. The upper casing has an approximately 156 mm long 21mm rail on the example a target device can be mounted in the accessories market like a real gun. Factory-set is a spring loaded flip-up visor, also mounted in MBUS style, made of composite plastic, which can be optionally extended or expanded as well as laterally adjusted. For easier targets two reticles are available. The new Tactical Pistol Grip is much better polymer composite plastic in the hand and is equipped at the bottom already with a US pressure coupling for the remote line. Alternatively, a so-called ASA connection can here be mounted to connect directly to a HPA tank (not included). At the back of a stem tube with five locking positions of aluminum is attached. The Carbine Stock can be five-fold adjusted in length by can be adapted ideally causing the gun to the shooter. The back is textured for a secure grip and on the underside there is an integrated Swivel holder. The new Tippmann M4 V2 is based on the reliable inline Bolt system. The system is both be fired with HPA and CO2, depending on how it is packaged. On delivery the gun for a remote line with HPA tank is pre-equipped. The inner parts are Tip man made typically of steel, aluminum and polymer composite plastic. Depending on to which part it is, the proper material is selected from Tippmann. The entire system was designed to be as wear and at the same time reliable as possible. It is therefore also does not use any electronic control. Much like the Tippmann paintball markers the airsoft Tippy the firing mechanism reliable "old school material" that does not let you down! Whether cold or hot - dry wet or - Tippmann works! For more close to real guns the M4 Tippmann V2 is further equipped with a BlowBack system. By the movement of steel closure this makes while shooting a recoil, the felt arrives at the shoulder and for more realism in the application provides (comparable to .22). The surplus power can be changed quickly and easily by a velocity screw - of about 0.8 joules max. 1.9 Joule continuously. A so-called Tournament lock for playing fields can be purchased separately (not included). Also interesting is the authentic structure of the gun. Thanks to maintenance-friendly construction, the gun can be dismantled in seconds without any tools in the main components. Just the two package pins and pull even the rifle can be disassembled into two halves. This simplifies maintenance work. The adjustable hop-up system is, as with many other airsoft guns within the decorative case ejection window. The system from the outside can be adjusted by an Allen key. Offering a large Allen wrench set and the required component for the conversion to the Tippmann is M4 Magazine for operation with 12 gram CO2 cartridges. However, this also other magazines are required (sold separately - not included). A filled HPA tank are still with Remote Line (US pressure coupling) and 6mm BB BBs required (see accessories) for operation.


  • Tippmann Airsoft M4 M-LOK Carbine full metal HPA / CO2 BlowBack 6mm BB black - V2
  • Tippmann M4 polymer magazine mid-cap 120 rounds black
  • Component for conversion to 12 gram CO2 cartridge operating
  • Hexagon socket wrench set


  • Color: black
  • Caliber: 6 mm BB (0.25 g - 0.28 g recommended)
  • system: HPA / CO2 BlowBack system - high Pressure Air - CO2 system / semi-automatic
  • material: aluminum / steel / polymer composite plastic
  • magazine capacity: about 120 rounds
  • length: about 363 mm
  • length: approximately 767 mm - 850 mm (in 5 steps)
  • weight: about 2,239 g
  • scale: 1/1
  • power: adjustable from about 0.8 to max. 1.9 Joule
  • Manufacturer: Tippmann Airsoft / USA
Warning! The M4 Tippmann does not need adjustable HPA regulator between the HPA tank and the remote line. Simply HPA-tank by means of the remote line with US-pressure clutch connected directly to the M4.


Nabv pas Vereist
MPN 789625941669
wapentype M4
Hoofdcategorie Airsoft Guns
Subcategorie Rifles
color Black
length 760
Merk Airsoft Tippmann
magazine_capacity 120
material Metal|Polymer
f_mark No
joule 1.2,
maintenance_level Medium
recommended_bb_weight 0.28
skirmish_ready Yes
thread 14mm ccw
recommended_gas 2.0
mount_type Rail sections
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